Why Attend?

We at Lumière de Londres are very receptive to the feedback we get from our students and clients. We are now ready to launch... (drum roll please) our Intermediate Class. Many people who attend our classes see the array of candles that are displayed in our Greenwich studio and have expressed an interest in making the candles that require a greater technical ability than what is taught on the one day introductory class.

So we have now finally succumbed to the pressure and are ready to teach our phenomenal skills at the next level.

These technique classes are the only Skilled Candle making Classes that are available in the UK. In fact we have taught a number of people who have gone on to teach intro classes and set up their own candle making businesses!


This class is for people who have already been on our one day introductory class or have a good basic understanding of making paraffin wax candles.

The course runs from 10am-4pm with one hour for lunch.

Our mission is to provide affordable workshops, that are better value, that teach real and repeatable skills. In an environment that is non-formal, in a way that is easy and fun. Giggles are compulsory.

What's on offer

On this one day intensive intermediate class you will learn to make:
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A set of Coffee Candles

Ice Candles

A set of Ice Candles

Crystal Candles

A set of candles using crystals

Layered Candles

A set of layered candles of different sizes

Tree Candles

Two Tree Candles

You will learn to use different scents and different types of colours on an assortment of candles that will leave your friends and family speechless!

Only £300

(1 day Workshop, 10am-4pm)

To check availability email:

Please Note: We require a 48hr cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund.