Candle Making - A Money Making Business

Luxury candlemaker Timothy Dunn, whose customers include Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney, sold a record 25,000 candles last year, up 60 per cent on the previous year. He said: 'There is a huge surge in the popularity of candles and sales have gone through the roof. It doesn't matter if you live in the country's most expensive postcode or in a flat on the 24th floor, a candle adds something special to your home.'

Why Attend?

Fancy a change of job? Like the thought of earning money while being creative? Check this out:

“Figures show sales of pricey, scented candles were up by almost 60 per cent to nearly £90m last year, compared with 2011.”

“Candle makers have reported huge demand as Britain gets used to spending more time at home because of the depressed economy.”

“Sales have jumped over the past three years and figures are expected to rise further as people with less disposable income make scented candles a feature of dinner parties and nights in.”

“Candle sales in the U.S. are estimated at roughly $2.3 billion a year, Yankee Candle grew 7 percent last year and is growing at 6 percent a year to date (2013)”

Fancy a piece of the action? Then this class is for you.

Our Candle Making - A Money Making Business Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to start your own candle making or candle teaching business.

We will take you through the basics of making candles right through to advanced techniques. You will not believe how many candles and how many techniques you leave with. Bring a suitcase to take your creative treasures home in!

You will use and understand a number of different waxes including paraffin wax, soya wax, gel wax and beeswax.

In addition to the many techniques we teach you for making paraffin wax candles, we not only give you information but also teach you how to make scented candles. Using not just basic candle scents but using high class blended scents that you will not be able to get anywhere else. You will also make a number of aromatherapy candles using an assortment of pure essential oils. Not just that, rather than leaving you with container candles that are same old- same old we teach you how to personalise and decorate your candles with embellishments and finishes that you have never seen before and are not taught anywhere else in the world.

So we have now finally succumbed to the pressure and are ready to teach our phenomenal skills at the next level.


This is the only course of its kind in the UK and the most in depth course in the world. Book now because this class will get filled quickly. In fact we have taught a number of people who have gone on to teach intro classes and set up their own candle making businesses!
The Business Class is a fabulous class that will leave you exhausted but buzzing with ideas and motivation as to the quickest, cheapest and best way you can get this up and running and start earning an income from it. I can't wait to get started.

What's on offer

You will leave the course knowing:

How to make candles

What wicks to use

Which colouring is the best

How to test burn

How to customise your candles

Unique finishing touches

Which are the best British suppliers to purchase from

We will also teach you:

How to market your new business, from traditional methods of craft fairs, and markets to getting into shops and restaurants, weddings and parties.

We also work out a detailed action plan with you, so that you know exactly what steps to take when you leave the class.

We provide a one hour business coaching session, once a week for three months. This coaching session is done by a professional coach who has also set up the business you are about to set up and understands all the pitfalls.

We also provide 12 months email support.

Over the six days you will learn the following:

Only £4000

(For a 6 day Workshop)

To check availability email:

Please Note: We require a 7 day cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund or change of date.

Day One
Introduction to Candle Making

  • Types of waxes
  • Understanding wicks
  • Health and Safety
  • Colouring candles correctly
  • Using fragrances correctly
  • Finishing Touches
  • Decoration Techniques
  • Labelling

  • Cupcake Candles
  • Free Standing Chunk Candle
  • Aromatherapy Candle (with a selection of different essential oils to suit any mood)
  • Hand Rolled Flower Candle
  • Tea Lights
  • Wax Melts
  • Scented Container Candles
  • Snowball Candle
  • Gel Wax Candle
  • Rolled Beeswax Candle

Day Two
Intermediate Candle Making Class

  • Ice Candles
  • Tree Candles
  • Layered Candles
  • Cinnamon Candles
  • Coffee Candles
  • Calligraphy Carving
  • Advanced Gel Wax Candles
  • Advanced Beeswax Candles

Day Three
Advanced Candle Making Techniques Part 1

  • Leather Look 1
  • Leather Look 2
  • An assortment of different Flower Candles
  • 2 Solder Candles
  • Candles using compacted chunks
  • Levelling bottoms
  • Picture Candle
  • Soil Candle

Day Four
Advanced Candle Making Techniques Part 2

  • Globe
  • Vase for Leather Look 1
  • Vase for Leather Look 2
  • Wax Lantern
  • Wax Box
  • Coral Candle
  • Finishing touches

Day Five
Independent Practice

  • Independent practice of 5 different candles made over the last few days chosen by the student
  • Lessons learnt

Day Six
Launching Your Business

  • Drawing up an action plan to launch your business
  • Marketing your business
  • Business Coaching