Easy Candle Making Classes in London!

Why Attend?

Forget the same old experience days and come and learn a new skill on our 1 day workshop for some unique

candle making ideas!

We teach you how to make your own candles for pleasure or to sell, in a fun non-formal environment.

Using a wide array of fragrances, colours and containers you can match it to your mood, décor or to give away as gifts.

On average you will make around eight candles at our studio in London. This more than covers the cost of the course when you compare it to how much a high-end candle is priced.

You will learn how to use a number of different waxes and scents to create stunning candles and how to decorate the exterior of your candles including looking at beautiful finishing touches for packaging your own

handmade candles.

Great fun. I learned so much about making candles - I can’t wait to try at home. Fabulous day out.
Candle Making Ideas, Candle Making Instructions
Our tutors have trained around the world and have a wealth of knowledge regarding candle making as a hobby and a business.


You will leave the workshop with a unique array of handcrafted candles to proudly display or give away as gifts and the confidence to create many more candle making masterpieces in your own home.

This workshop runs from 10am-4pm with an hour for lunch.

We also stock a large selection of waxes, colouring, scents and containers that can be purchased on the day, so that you can dazzle your friends and family and practice your new found skills at home or start your new

candle making business.

Candle making ideas
Amazing-had the best laugh and found it easy to learn with such an amazing teacher! Thank you Sakeena, bloody amazing experience!!
Joanna (

What's on offer

Our Candle Making Classes over look the Thames.
I can’t believe how much stuff we made in a day! I’m so impressed. To set out to create the best value course is brilliant - and you have really achieved this. Fantastic - Thankyou! (Back soon for the next one, I hope!)
The workshop covers:

Types of waxes

Understanding wicks

Health and Safety

Colouring candles correctly

Using fragrances correctly

Finishing Touches

Decoration Techniques


By the end of this fun, candle making workshop, you will be able to design your own candles and would have made a full range including:

Cupcake Candles

Free Standing Chunk Candle

Aromatherapy Candle (with a selection of different essential oils to suit any mood)

Hand Rolled Candles

Tea Lights

Wax Melts

Scented Container Candles

Snowball Candle

Only £150

To check availability email:

Please Note: We require a 48hr cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund.

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