Learn to make all natural remedies at home

Why Attend?

How much would you pay for

Methylisothiazolinone free products?

This workshop is for everybody who is interested in taking control of their health. For too long we have given control to doctors and large multi – nationals who we now find are lying to us and slowly poisoning us and our families to death.

MI (Methylisothiazolinone) has been approved for its safety standards in both Europe and the UK and has thus crept into many skin care items, cleaning items and even baby items despite repeated warnings from Dermatologists ( See Watchdog 18/9/13). The adverse effects of this preservative are so long that you could write a book on it.

Furthermore, we suffer a daily onslaught of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers in the toiletry, skincare and cleaning products that we use, whose cumulative effects are yet unknown. Given that, it is no surprise that despite a booming billion dollar sun protection industry that spawned out of nowhere ( the sun has been around for a long time and people did go out in it pre-


) The instances of skin cancer continue to rise not decrease. Additionally, ‘ Eczema is now the biggest skin disease in children’ The Telegraph 19/9/13.

This workshop is for everybody who is fed up of being duped, mis-informed and lied to. This is your opportunity to take control of your’s and your family’s health and well being. Come and make a first aid box of

natural treatments

that will prevent many of the day to day ailments we all suffer from. You do not need to take a degree or a diploma. You do not need to study for months or years. You do not even need to be qualified in chemistry. In one day I will teach you everything you need to know about making homemade

natural healing remedies

that cover the most common ailments that most people go through in any given year.


This workshop will provide you with a

homemade first aid kit

, that will treat most of the common ailments any family faces over the course of a year. All seasons accounted for! You will leave with all the products you have made on the day and an understanding of many more.

Most importantly, you get to make and experience a product that isn't necessarily for when you are ill but that you can use as a preventative measure for when you feel run down and stressed. We all know what stress does - don’t we?

This workshop runs from 10am-4pm with an hour for lunch.

The workshop is suitable for persons 16 years and above.

all natural remedies at home

What's on offer

natural remedy
In this workshop you will learn how to make:

Customised natural

sore throat lozenges

using a number of different herbs without any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

A vapour rub for colds and flu

Thieves oil. A natural preventative measure that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-infectious. Without a chemical in sight!

A natural healing balm for minor burns, cuts and bruises

All natural sunscreen

A soothing bag of bath salts to help you unwind and de-stress

Natural health remedies

Only £125

To check availability email:

Please Note: We require a 48hr cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund

Although we teach how to make natural healing products in your kitchen, please seek medical help if you are seriously ill or if you are on medication.

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