The wax flower candle making workshop

Making Flowers using Wax

Why Attend?

Lumiere have done it again folks! We are launching our

wax flower candle class.

This is not taught anywhere else on the planet. Not only have we developed the method to make these candles we have also devised the composition of the wax, giving you more time to work on the details of your flowers. Ordinarily, paraffin wax sets very quickly, giving you a very short window of time to work with it. Our blended wax is slower to set so it gives you that little bit more time so that you can add intricate details to your flowers. Also paraffin wax has a transparency to it, our blended wax is not transparent and is available in a rainbow of bright, vibrant colours. So forget rolling a strip of wax to make a rose candle, something that everybody teaches, come and learn to make amazing flowers, petal by petal.
making flowers using wax - sunflower
Whether you are a professional chandler or you make candles for a hobby, these candles will take your skills to a stratospheric level. You will learn to make candles that people will just step back and marvel at.

You will make six different flower candles all vastly different to use as wedding centrepieces, table centrepieces or added into a fresh flower bouquet. These candles make exquisite gifts and when sold they simply fly off the shelves. We are the only people that teach this anywhere.


Show off your masterpieces to all your friends and family and watch their jaws drop when you tell them you made them. The candles you make on this workshop are so unique and different to anything else out there, so don't be surprised when you see the orders come rolling in.
making flowers using wax - calla lilies
We also stock our blended wax in a large selection of colours as well as colouring , scents and containers that can be purchased on the day, so that you can dazzle your friends and family and practice your new found skills at home or start your new

candle making business.

What's on offer

wax flower candle group
On this one day workshop, using our blended wax, you will make:

A Rose Candle

A Tiger Lily Candle

A Sunflower Candle

A Camellia Candle

A Bouquet of Three Calla Lilies

A Water Lily Candle

By the end of this workshop you will not only learn to make the six flowers we teach you, but having learnt the mechanics of it, you will be able to go and design your own flowers. All this in one day!

making flowers using wax - water lily

Only £250

To check availability email:

Please Note: We require a 48hr cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund

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